Around Inchree

Inchree is  a hamlet, situated at the north end of Onich village, 7 miles (10km) south of Fort William / Ben Nevis, and 6 miles north of Glencoe.

The surrounding scenery is very dramatic, with rugged mountains on the skyline in all directions. However, due to the vast expanse of Loch Linnhe,  (a 35 mile-long sea loch) there’s very much a feeling of openness and space.

Inchree’s unique & elevated position looks south-west down Loch Linnhe towards the Isles of Mull & Lismore, and is quite breathtaking. See our gallery photos for what we mean.

Aerial views of Inchree & surrounding area

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Aerial view of Inchree and surrounding area

Aerial view of Inchree & surrounding area

Around Inchree – sights within walking distance

Guests naturally want to know what can be done from our doorstep:

Glen Righ Forest Trails

Our idyllic setting is further enhanced by Glen Righ Forest. Situated immediately behind us, the forest has a huge network of paths and tracks that offer great opportunities for easy walking, dog-exercising, trail-running and mountain-biking. The start of the trails are only a 10 minute walk from us, from where you can enjoy circular walks of 30 minutes in length, up to most of the day if you want.  There are many panoramic views from the trails overlooking Loch Linnhe and the surrounding mountains.

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Sunset from Inchree Forest path

Sunset looking down Loch Linnhe to the Isle of Lismore, from Glen Righ Forest path

Sunset shades on Mullach nan Coirean, 939 mts. From Glen Righ forest path.

Sunset shades on Mullach nan Coirean, 939 mts. From Glen Righ Forest path.








Inchree Waterfalls

The jewel in the crown are the impressive Inchree Waterfalls, which drop several hundred feet in a series of steps into the River Righ. It takes less than 10 minutes on foot from our place to the start of the waterfall trail. The circular walk around the falls takes about 30 minutes from the car park.

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The path to Inchree Waterfalls in Autumn

The path to Inchree Waterfalls in Autumn

Inchree Waterfalls

Inchree Waterfalls









Hill Walking

There are several good hillwalks that can be made on foot directly from us – Above Glenrigh is a hill called Beinn na Gucaig. At 616 metres high, it is a relatively easy walk, and gives tremendous 360 degree panoramic views, including of Ben Nevis.

Beach Walking

The shoreline of Loch Linnhe is only a 10 minute walk from us. The long pebble beaches are good for a relaxing evening stroll, where you can admire the marvellous sunsets that frequently occur.

Vertical Descents Activity Centre

Situated just a 5 minute walk away, opposite the forest walks car park, is Vertical Descents.  A long-established activity-centre, Verticals Descents offer a wide choice of  activities, including canyoning down the Inchree Waterfalls. Many of their activities are suitable for all the family.

Corran Ferry & Ardgour

Situated a 5 minute walk from us is the Corran Ferry, which crosses Loch Linnhe at it’s narrowest point at Corran Narrows.  Operated by Highland Council, the ferry is one of few remaining mainland vehicle ferries in Scotland. It provides access to the wild and stunning areas of Morven and the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, eventually reaching mainland Britain’s most westerly point – Ardnamurchan Point.

The area immediately on the other side is known as Ardgour. Although part of the mainland, the Ardgour side very much has an ‘island feeling’, due to it’s very quiet aura and the ferry crossing.

The crossing only takes a few minutes, operating every 25 minutes from each side, and is free to walkers and cyclists. A holiday here wouldn’t be complete without a day’s touring across the Corran Ferry,as it’s a breathtakingly beautiful part of Lochaber, and often overlooked.

See the ferry’s summer and winter timetable.

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Corran Ferry crossing the narrows, from Ardgour.

Corran Ferry crossing the narrows, from Ardgour.

Sgorr Dhearg from Corran Ferry

Evening view looking south from Ardgour to the Corran Ferry in foreground, with the impressive peak of Sgorr Dhearg. (1024 mts.)









Cycling & Walking across the Corran Ferry in Ardgour

The Ardgour side of Loch Linnhe offers some excellent road cycling, on the A861,  the main road through the area. Although an A-class road, Ardgour sees little road traffic, so can be recommended for safe cycling. (Unlike the A82)

Excellent views of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain

Within walking distance from us, you can see super views of Ben Nevis. (1344 mts) Firstly, take the Corran Ferry across to Ardgour. After getting off the ferry, turn right and walk or pedal along the west side of Loch Linnhe, out of Ardgour village. After 1 kilometre, the southern flanks  of ‘The Ben’ are seen.  After 5 km, you reach the beautiful bay of Inverscaddle, from where you get the best views of the mountain’s south-eastern profile.

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Ben Nevis and Loch Linnhe from Inverscaddle Bay

Ben Nevis and Loch Linnhe from Inverscaddle Bay, on the west side of Loch Linnhe

Evening light on the south-east face of Ben Nevis, from west side of Loch Linnhe

Evening light on the south-east face of Ben Nevis, from Inverscaddle Bay