Accommodation Booking Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are to ensure all guests enjoy their stay at Inchree, and would wish to return again.
We respectfully remind guests that a booking with us is a legally binding contract.

Arrival & Departure

The period of occupancy of the accommodation is from 2.30pm on day of arrival up to 10.30am on day of departure.
The Booker binds and obliges themself to vacate the premises without demand at the termination of the period of hire.

Maximum Number of Persons Allowed to Occupy Accommodation

The maximum number of persons occupying accommodation can only be as per number of fitted bedspaces within.
Additional persons will not be accepted.
Any discount that has been given for a particular number of persons occupying accommodation becomes payable if there are any extra persons staying within it for any night(s) throughout the hire period.
We reserve the right to terminate the hire without notice and refund where a breach of either of the above condition occurs, and no notice of increase in occupancy has been given.


Smoking is strictly not permitted in any building interior.
Persons may smoke outside but cigarette butts must not be discarded on the ground.
In the event of persons being discovered smoking within a building interior, we reserve the right to terminate the group’s stay with us with immediate effect.
In the above scenario, and also in the event of evidence of smoking being clearly discovered within accommodation after a group’s departure, we will levy an excess cleaning charge on the Booker.
Such a charge will reflect the additional labour time and materials required to deep-clean / defumigate the accommodation, and for any potential loss of custom resulting from us being unable to let the accommodation due to smoke smell.

Accommodation Being Left in an Unacceptably Untidy and / or Dirty Condition

We reserve the right to levy an excess cleaning charge on the Booker should the accommodation be vacated in a condition which exceeds a normal level of acceptability.
The confirmation of such a condition will be made by at least 2 persons, one of whom will be the housekeeper and the other a member of the management team.
The charge made will reflect the additional labour time and / or materials required to clean the accommodation.

Acceptance of Dogs

We only accept well-behaved dogs in chalet accommodation – Maximum 1 dog per chalet @ £3 per night extra, or £20 for a week or longer. (no charge for returning guests.)
We designate a limited number of chalets are available to bookings with a dog.
Persons wishing to book with a dog are required to contact us directly to book, to ensure that a suitable chalet is still available.
We reserve the right to refuse entry to any accommodation should the Booker not make us aware they will have a dog and subsequently arrive with it.
Any dog must be kept under strict control and on a lead whilst on-site, and not cause annoyance to other guests.
Dogs are not permitted into bedrooms nor onto furniture, and are not to be left alone in the chalet.
All dog waste must be picked up by the owner and deposited in the special bin on-site.
Bags & a scooper are provided for this. Any dog hair must be removed from carpets before departure using hoover available.
Dogs are permitted in the bar area only of our on-site Pub & Restaurant.

Any Variation to Your Booking Details / Circumstances

Any variation to your booking details or circumstances, such as change of dates or party numbers, etc., must be confirmed in writing to us, by e-mail.

Purpose of Stay

The Booker warrants that the accommodation is to be used only for holiday/ leisure purposes.
Work-related bookings are generally not accepted, with the exception of groups bookings for; outdoor instructional courses, field or study trips, the emergency services or armed forces.
The period of occupancy of the accommodation is from 2.30pm on day of arrival up to 10.30am on day of departure.
The Booker binds and obliges themself to vacate the premises without demand at the termination of the period of hire.
The Booker will not sub-let the accommodation booked, or any part thereof.

Camping / Parking of Caravans and Motorhomes On-site

There is no provision on-site for camping nor for the parking of caravans or motor homes.

Non-arrival of Party

If the entire party involved in the occupancy has not arrived by 1am on the day after the hire start date, and have not informed us they shall be late, we reserve the right to re-let the accommodation.
The Booker will be responsible for payment of any balance amount still outstanding that cannot be regained by re-letting.

Circumstances Leading to Accommodation Being Unavailable

If we are prevented by any circumstances beyond our control from making the accommodation available on the day of occupancy commencement, and cannot provide a suitable alternative, we will refund all monies already paid, but no further liability shall be accepted.

Specific Accommodation Requests

Although we will try to comply with specific requests, we are not obliged to provide any particular accommodation.

Accident and / or Injury Occurring On-site

Any accident or injury to persons whilst on-site should be reported to the management immediately.
We will not be held responsible for any personal injury sustained on-site, save so far as it results from our own proven negligence in a court of law.

Loss or Damage to Personal Property Occurring On-site

Any loss or damage to personal property whilst on-site should be reported to the management immediately.
We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property save so far as it results from our own proven negligence in a court of law.

Personal and Group Behaviour Whilst On-site

We reserve the right to repossess the accommodation at any time where any inappropriate or antisocial behaviour, or damage to property or annoyance to other guests has occurred.
This includes, in particular, any drunkenness and/ or subsequent loud noise made by persons whilst on-site at any time of the day.
In such a scenario, such persons responsible will be told to leave the premises immediately.
In the event of any further disruption caused, the police will be called by the management to remove such persons from the premises.
We shall not be liable to make a refund of any portion of the balance amount already paid, and will levy an invoice against the Hirer for any outstanding balance of the length of stay completed, but not yet paid for.
In consideration of all our guests, we require that noise be kept to a minimum during night-time hours.

Problems or Dissatisfaction With Your Stay

It is important to Inchree that guests enjoy their stay with us, and every effort is made to ensure this.
However, in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction with the accommodation or any subsequent problem, the Booker should immediately contact the management to give them the opportunity to rectify or explain any problem.
A complaint will not be entertained if it is made at the end of a stay, nor after the stay by letter, e-mail or telephone call, when it will surely be appreciated that it will not be possible for the matter to be effectively investigated and verified.

Damage to Property

The Booker is ultimately responsible for the accommodation and it’s belongings during the period of occupancy, and is expected to take all necessary care.
The Booker agrees to pay the necessary amount to rectify any damage to accommodation or to replace any lost or damaged belongings, caused by any member of their party. Inferior replacement items are not acceptable.

Access to Property

The Booker undertakes to leave the accommodation secure if left unoccupied during the period of let and to allow access by the managment or employees for any reason deemed appropriate.

Groups that are Not Accepted

Larger all-male groups are generally not accepted. This particularly includes stag groups and ‘celebration’ groups’.
Exceptions to this rule are groups of a particular designation / purpose, such as;

-School / college / university groups on official field trips.

-Armed forces & emergency services groups.

-Mountain rescue teams.

-Community or church groups.

-Outdoor instructional or corporate training courses.

University outdoor club / group bookings are no longer accepted at Inchree.

Declination of a Booking By Us

We reserve the right to decline a booking or to refuse to hand over the accommodation to any person who in our opinion, is not suitable to take charge. In this case, any balance amount already paid shall be refunded in full, and the contract shall be discharged without further liability on either party.


The Booker will not sub-let the accommodation booked, or any part thereof.
The Booker accepts the contract is between themself and FWT Ltd. (T/A Inchree Chalets & Rooms.) and is subject to Scottish Law.
Your statutory rights are not affected by any of these conditions.
We reserve the right to vary these terms & conditions from time to time, according to any changes in our policies.

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